Cyber criminals are better resourced today because the cost of computing power continues to decrease. Plus, they share tools and techniques, and automate attack efforts. As a result, organizations are now getting pummeled by sophisticated new attacks that blend malicious techniques and tactics to compromise an organisation’s computing environment.

Further complicating this issue is the adoption of modern IT initiatives, like cloud computing/ SaaS, BYOD/mobility, and SDN that can expand an organization’s computing environment and exposure.

Our skilled and experienced subject matter experts help you design, evaluate and source best of the breed technology for your network, compliance and information security requirements.

Our cyber security technology solutions come from leading OEM organizations. We categories and sub categories them as follows.

  • End Point Security

    • Anti-Virus/ Anti-Malware
    • Application Control
    • Host Intrusion Prevention
  • Network Security (Protecting Networks from Cyber Attacks)

    • Next Generation Firewall
    • Security from DOS and DDOS Attacks
    • Network Intrusion Prevention
    • Safe and Productive Web browsing
    • Protection from Targeted Threats
    • Secure Network and Application Access with SSL VPN
  • Data Security

    • Disk Encryption
    • External Storage Media Encryption
    • File and folder encryption
    • Data Leak and Loss Prevention
    • Rights Management
  • Mobile Security

    • Threat Prevention for Mobile Devices
    • Data and Email Control on Mobile Devices
  • Application Security

    • Authentication with Tokens or OTP
    • Web Application Firewall
    • Load Balancer
    • SSL Offload
  • Data Center Security

    • Antimalware for Virtualized Servers and Desktops
    • Protect data on storage from Malwares
    • Security for Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Risk and Compliance

    • Vulnerability Assessment
    • Security Incident Event Management
    • Network Access Control
    • Log Management
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