Is Your Present Network Defence Sufficient- Lets Discover Risk with Security Check-Up

Our network, data and applications has paramount risk from malwares, vulnerability exposure, data leakage and intrusions. Hence we recommend for Security Check-up. This Security Check-up helps to discover and identify these risks in our network environment.

Key Benefits of Security Check-Up are as follows -

• Monitors networks for high and critical security events

  • Identifies risky applications being used
  • Detect infected hosts infected with Bots and Viruses
  • Summarizes security events and necessary actions

• Identifies dangerous IPS and Data Leak events

  • CIFS worms and directory attacks
  • Denial of Service vulnerabilities
  • Confidential data such as sales records and customer information being exchanged to unauthorized contact

• Offers remediation to reduce risk profiles

  • Provides easy-to-read visuals about security incidents for quick remediation
  • Delivers executive summary for discussions with management
How Do We Conduct this?

The Security Check-up assessment deploys a Check Point security gateway within the network, inspecting traffic traversing the network.


The gateway is not connected inline, avoiding network configuration changes and downtime. Instead, it inspects mirrored network traffic using the Mirror Port (also known as Span Port) on a network switch. Doing so removes all the challenges of inline connectivity, ensuring inspection of only copied network traffic.

Because the Monitor Port does not transmit any traffic to the network, there is no change to the existing network configuration and no risk of downtime.

What You Can Get?

Access to high risk web application
Malware infected computer
Exploited vulnerabilities & attacks on your computer
Data leackage incidents
Recommendations to protect your network


Any organization can participate in a Security Checkup. Security experts conduct on-site assessments that include four main steps:

1. Setup Check Point Security Gateway - The security expert sets up the Check Point Security Gateway upon which the assessment will be conducted. They then activate and configure all relevant security modules such as Application Control, URL Filtering, IPS, Anti-Bot, Anti-Virus, Threat Emulation, DLP, Identity Awareness if required, SmartEvent or more.

2. Inspect Network Traffic - Once installed and plugged into the organization's network it begins to inspect network traffic. In order to ensure a thorough inspection, we recommended monitoring traffic for at least a week. The longer the time period of inspection, the better.

3. Results Analysis – After removing the system from the network, the security expert analyzes the results and generates the Security Checkup report.

4. Findings Report - The security expert will present the findings that identify weak points in the network. Then they will go over what security technologies and solutions may be best for you protect your network against these threats.

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